ShOR is Bloggy: Beauty and the Beast 2? The Stars Are Interested!

Back in March, a little Disney film by the name of Beauty and the Beast, was unleashed on the world and in the two months since its release, the film has grossed over one billion dollars worldwide making it one of the largest March releases in recent history. Beauty and the Beast was mostly well received by critics and there is no doubt that when the film is released on DVD in June, the money Disney is making will just grow exponentially.

As a result, people have been talking about a possible sequel being greenlit by Disney and being greenlit soon. The House of Mouse has no plans for a sequel, but that doesn’t mean the film’s stars aren’t interested in returning for a sequel.

Dan Stevens previously voiced his interest when asked in an interview for his film Permission which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22nd.

He said, “That’s not a question for me. I’m not sure what turn that would take. I’m open to offers. It would seem odd for me to hear about it, but never say never.”

The only hang up with Stevens is, he doesn’t want to return as Prince Adam in his human form.

“I’d kind of like to bring the Beast back.”

I’m not completely sure how that would work out but we all know the Beast is widely regarded as Disney’s most handsome prince so that is always a plus despite how the Beast is now a human prince but it’s Disney, they can do anything. Besides, I wouldn’t mind spending another two hours listening to Stevens’ deep, silky smooth Beast voice. I swear, his voice is sinful in that role.

But, I digress.

Stevens’ co-star, and generally adorable book nerd, Emma Watson, has recently jumped on the sequel bandwagon as well. While on the press tour for her new film The Circle, Watson broached the subject of a Beauty and the Beast sequel.

The results are so in character that it’s painfully perfect and I need it more than ever.

“I would love to do a sequel,” she said. “I always thought that Belle would become a teacher and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village.”

As if that wouldn’t be the cutest thing to ever happen ever. In Beauty and the Beast, Belle already shows her penchant for education. If you remember, when she is in town letting her donkey and homemade washing machine do her laundry for her, she takes it upon herself to teach a little girl how to read. While the village people harass her for it, and ruin her laundry in the process, there is no doubt that the spark to teach is there in Belle.

I, for one, love this idea. Here’s to hoping that Disney listens to fans, their actors, and their pocketbooks and they give us a sequel! It would be fantastic.

You can catch Watson in The Circle now in theaters. Stevens’ new film Kill Switch will be released in theaters July 15th.

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