Do You Like You?: ShOR is Getting a Podcast!

Hello, readers!

The time has almost come for TNT’s fantastically delicious TV series Good Behavior to air its second season. After thinking long and hard about things, I have decided to do a post show podcast for the upcoming season! throws confetti

This will be my first podcast and I’m a little nervous but I am super excited to bring it to you guys. The podcast will actually start this week with a recap and a discussion of the pilot episode titled “So You’re Not an English Teacher”.

Good Behavior is about Letty Raines (Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame). Letty is a drug addict, an alcoholic and a con artist who is fresh from prison. She has a son named Jacob, a mom dating a man about twenty years younger than her, and a rap sheet a mile long. After she gets fired from her job, Letty moves closer to her son and mother and attempts to stay sober, at least from the drugs. While stealing from a luxury hotel, Letty overhears a deal between Javier Pereria, a hitman, and a guy who wants his wife killed. Thus begins Letty’s wild and crazy journey as Javier’s accomplice but things are a bit more wild than she was expecting.

The second season will  focus on Letty and Javier as they patch up their relationship and try to live a normal life with Jacob despite Letty’s vices and despite the fact that Javier is an assassin.

You can watch the extended trailer for season 2 below and don’t forget to be on the look out for the new podcast which should be coming either this evening or tomorrow evening.


Good Behavior season 2 will premiere on October 15.


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