SHoR has Recaps: Good Behavior Starts with a Bang in “So You’re Not an English Teacher”

We start the episode in Statesville, North Carolina in a skeezy diner in the rain. Letty is working the front bar when she’s hit on by an equally skeezy truck driver. Her boss, Lloyd, tells her she “has three toilets” to clean. While in the bathroom, the skeezy truck driver comes onto Letty, asking her if she wants to “earn her tip”. Letty, ever so smooth, comes onto the trucker then punches him in the gut and steals his wallet, quickly pocketing it while he’s indisposed.

Who should show up as she’s exiting the bathroom? Her boss, Lloyd, who obviously doesn’t like her and proceeds to fire her under the assumption that she wanted creepy trucker to screw her in the bathroom. Obviously Lloyd thought she was earning drug money.

On the bus back home to Asheville, Letty steals all the money from the credit cards in the trucker’s wallet. She easily transfers the money to her own account with little remorse.

In Asheville, Letty gets ready for the day while listening to a pep talk from her phone that’s supposed to make her feel better about her life and her choices. It’s basically an app that tries to be a TED talk but doesn’t quite have the finesse.

She gets a call in the middle of the pep talk and then we’re off to a swanky hotel, Letty clad in a black jumpsuit and wearing a red bobbed wig. She automatically cases the place, sits at the bar and gets a drink where the bartender gives her a master key and a list of rooms to hit.

Letty is smooth on this job. She calls the rooms from her cell phone and makes sure no one is in and then she steals from the rooms, quite easily in fact. But, room 1112 is a different story.

While searching the room and doing her rounds, the bartender calls and tells Letty she needs to get out of there, the guest is coming back. With very little time to waste, Letty gathers her things and hides in the closet. The only problem? She drops the master key as she hides.

While in the closet, Letty overhears a man named Chase talking to another man about the murder of his wife. Only his wife isn’t murdered yet. The unnamed man is going to kill her the next day between ten and twelve. The man tells Chase to establish a timeline of events so he isn’t implicated in the kill. Chase gives the man fifty thousand dollars in cash, a key to his house, and the floor plans for the house as well.
Once Chase leaves and the man undresses and relaxes, Letty amazingly makes her escape with all her spoils.

Back at her room, Letty unloads her spoils. She’s managed to grab clothes, shoes, money, Cuban cigars, a bra, and a giant load of alcohol from the minibars in the guest’s rooms. While she’s looking through her spoils, her parole officer, Christian Woodhill calls about their check in that evening.

At the check in, Christian tells Letty that she has to get a job or he’ll have to sign her up for community service. Of course, Letty hates that idea. They talk about Letty’s one week sobriety and how she should celebrate. Christian asks Letty if she has plans that night and she wonders if he’s coming onto her. But Christian tells Letty that she’s smart and young and that she doesn’t deserve to be there or in the situation she’s currently in.

But, Letty is good at deflecting and they soon come around to Letty asking if “you saw somebody on the side of the road, broke down or in an accident, would you pull over and help”? Christian is intrigued and he asks if she found someone who needed help. He also asks if she helped them. She says no and she doesn’t feel bad about it.

Back at her room again, time passes slowly. Letty is trying to be a good girl and not drink or go out but she’s struggling. She calls her mom and tries to talk to her but her mom won’t listen. As a result, Letty goes a bit off the rails and tries to find the man who took off with her master key to the swanky hotel.

She finds him and follows him to a place called Isaac’s. We go through a scenario in Letty’s head where she steals the man’s wallet, goes back to the hotel room, finds the information on the hit and warns the wife she’s going to be killed the next day.

Instead, she attempts to seduce the man. She pretends to be an English teacher who has skipped out on a blind date. Letty and the man, who’s name we learn is Javier, flirt and end up having dinner together. Letty and Javier get drunk, really drunk, as they eat dinner. Javier is taken with her and, despite the fact that he’s a hitman, Letty is taken with him.

Javier tells Letty that he works with bioinformatics. Basically, a think tank. He says that he actually works for a philanthropist out of Tampa and he’s in North Carolina to check out the CEO of the think tank.

They leave the restaurant, go back to the swanky hotel, and they have sex. Lots of sex.

Letty wakes in Javier’s arms at six in the morning, realises what she’s done and how deep she’s in it.

When she wakes again, hungover, Javier is in the shower and it’s 9:42 am. She stumbles around, gets dressed, and learns the information on the hit, the address, the woman’s name, and she sees the money. She is good under pressure and lies and gets out of there to go to the woman’s house and warn her of her impending death.

Of course, the lady thinks she’s crazy and almost doesn’t accept her help but Letty tells the woman, Daphne, that her husband’s name is Chase and he’s given Javier everything he needs to kill her. Daphne still doesn’t believe her but Letty asks her if she can think of any reason Chase would want to kill her and obviously, she does because she lets Letty in the house.
Letty goes through the motions of explaining the plan to Daphne. She explains that Chase is going to call in two minutes to get her upstairs so Javier can break in and kill her. They try to leave in the car out front but Javier beats them before they can get. Of course, Chase calls on the dot and Daphne finally truly believes Letty. Daphne gets out a loaded shotgun and Letty goes into full beast mode, taking the gun and taking on Javier herself and, once again, showing she is good under pressure.

When she has Javier cornered, she gets him to drop his weapon and turn around, revealing herself. Javier says in surprise, “so you’re not an English teacher”. His next statement is asking if she’s cop. She says no and she says that she was in his room the day before. She says that she was in the closet listening. Javier realises she’s a thief and tries to work things out with Letty. He gives her the keys to the Land Rover outside and tells her about the money in the front seat. He tells her to go and she’ll be scott free and he’ll kill Daphne anyway.

Letty refuses until Daphne shows up in the bathroom asking why Chase asked Javier to kill her. She takes the gun and urges Letty to leave because if she stays, Letty will be arrested along with Javier. So, Letty takes the keys and the money and runs. As Letty is driving, the police make their way to Daphne’s home.

Letty ends up taking the car and all her stolen goods back to her house to confront her mom so she can see Jacob, her son. Turns out, her mom, Estelle, has a restraining order against Letty and she won’t let Letty see him. Estelle threatens to call the cops and Letty has no choice but to leave. She leaves some of the money from the hit in the mailbox for Jacob and goes on an emotion fueled bender.

She uses a majority of the money on drugs and calls Christian to apologise and say that she’s “taking a swan dive off the back of a wagon” and that she’s “a piece of shit”. She smokes a part of her drugs and in the middle of a high induced hallucination of happier times with Jacob, Javier bursts in with a gun.

He proceeds to tell Letty that he knows all about her. He knows that she gave money to her son. He knows her whole name, when she was born, her entire rap sheet, her medical history and, of course, Jacob. Letty begs him to kill her and instead, he flushes the rest of her drugs down the toilet and tells Letty that she’s working for him now.

Whew, what a wild first episode! Stay tuned next week for a recap of episode 2, “Only the Best for Mrs. Diaz”.


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