Logan Lucky: Funny but Forgettable

Before I start, don’t get me wrong. I liked this film. Surprisingly, I liked this film a lot. It was funny and far different than your typical heist film. I mean, where else are you going to find a film where a bunch of back road hillbillies attempt to rob the busiest speedway outside of Daytona? To be honest, there are none that I can think of and I can appreciate Logan Lucky for giving us a break from the norm.

However, for all it’s quirks and it’s laugh out loud belly busters, Logan Lucky is ultimately forgettable.

The premise of the film is fairly simple, Channing Tatum’s character Jimmy Logan is fired from his construction job due to a liability issue. His ex-wife Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes) has plans to move her, her new husband, and Jimmy’s daughter Sadie over state lines. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Jimmy decides to enlist the help of his one handed brother, Clyde (Adam Driver), to rob the Charlotte Speedway. They also enlist the help of a man named Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), a demolitions expert who is currently incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail. They originally plan to rob the place during a quieter race but instead, they have to rob the Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600 which is the busiest race of the season.

Things, of course, don’t go according to plan. For example, Clyde loses his prosthetic in the vacuum machine used to suck the money from the vaults. Joe fails to explode open the vault on the first try using salt and gummy bears which, actually, was a very interesting chemistry lesson I was not expecting in a heist film.

Other than the jokes and the hilarious mess ups, I don’t remember much about this film other than the cameos. Hilary Swank showed up as a stereotypically stiff, no nonsense FBI agent. Sebastian Stan, of Captain America fame, appeared as a NASCAR driver. And, Katherine Waterston, of Fantastic Beasts fame, appeared as a former classmate of Jimmy’s who runs a mobile medical clinic.

I do know one thing is for certain, once Craig’s tenure as James Bond is over, the guy really needs to go into comedic acting. His character is the only one I really liked. His comedic timing was impeccable. He used his physicality to play the gags and he played them well. Of course, Craig is always charming and this is just an amplification of the charm he portrays as Bond.

In all, will I watch this film again? Probably, but only to watch Craig show these newcomers how to do it.


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