ShOR Has Recaps: “Only the Best for Mrs. Diaz” Ups the Ante for Our Anti-Heroes

We pick up with this episode two days after Javier breaks into Letty’s crappy motel room and basically kidnaps her and takes her hostage. They’re far away from Asheville now and Letty’s been passed out in the back seat for those whole two days.

Javier is really hinky about things. He doesn’t answer Letty’s questions. He only tells her to get changed and that all of her stuff is in the trunk of the car.

In the bathroom of a gas station, Letty attempts to get cleaned up. While brushing her teeth she sees a newspaper  and sees a headline on the front page “N.C. Woman Found Dead”. Of course, it’s Daphne. Shaken up, Letty tries to make an escape through the bathroom window with her things but Javier is there waiting for her.

Without giving her much choice, Letty gets cleaned up and proceeds to ride shotgun to wherever Javier is driving them. They soon pull up to a Southern plantation home that has been remodeled into a hotel. Letty thinks it’s rehab but Javier says it isn’t and asks her to play along. They soon pull up to the front of the hotel and they are greeted as Mr and Mrs. Diaz, much to Letty’s chagrin.

Inside the hotel, Letty looks around. She sees a necklace on display nearby and wants to steal it but she keeps herself from doing so. Instead, she goes to the front desk to request her own room away from Javier under the pretense that they fought on the way to the hotel. The front desk manager, Thomas, says they’re all booked. So Letty and Javier have to keep up the pretense that they are, in fact, husband and wife. They have to do so for two days but Thomas assures them that their suit is very spacious.

Once they reach the room, Letty frantically searches around for the minibar. As she searches, she hears the safe combination dinging and memorizes it. Come to find out that Javier asked for the minbar to be removed from the room. Angry, Letty exclaims that she’s not Javier’s “fucking prisoner”. However, Javier is quick to (rather violently) point out that she stole fifty thousand dollars from him so technically, yeah, she is his prisoner. Letty still doesn’t understand why she’s important to him and before he can answer her phone rings.

Before she can answer the phone, Javier explicitly states that she has to be his wife for as long as they are at the hotel. She asks if she can tell everyone about her abusive husband and Javier backs away to allow Letty to return her phone call.

Turns out, it’s Christian, her parole officer. He thought she was dead based on the message she left him two days before but he’s very glad she’s not. But, she missed a check in and he gives her two days to get back to North Carolina and check in in person. If she doesn’t show up by 11 AM Monday morning, Christian is turning her over to the authorities. Once Letty hangs up with Christian, Javier hands her a wedding ring and she stalks off.

Later that evening, at the bar, Letty is trying desperately to remain sober. Javier is off mingling but she remains at the bar sniffing martinis as two rich women approach the bar. They’re talking about a trip that one of them is going on with her husband. The woman closest to Letty hangs up her purse under the bar and Letty peers in curiously, spying the woman’s expensive wallet. The two women continue to talk about the trip and Letty is obviously disgusted as she listens.

As Letty listens, she makes a decision and dumps her untouched martini over the woman closest to her. As the woman freaks out, she surreptitiously scopes out the woman’s wallet and learns that her name is Robin. She lies and says that she found Robin’s wallet on the ground and must’ve spilled her martini while going to retrieve it. Robin is impressed with Letty’s “honesty”. Letty apologises for ruining Robin’s dress but Robin isn’t concerned. She insists that the bartender give Letty another martini after learning that they both like the drink the same way. Robin then introduces Letty to Heidi, the other woman. Letty then introduces herself as Jacqueline Diaz.

It’s then that Robin asks if Javier is the man who is talking to her husband, Bill. Letty confirms that, yes, Javier is her “husband”. Robin, however, doesn’t want to go and talk to their husbands. She’s curious about Letty who says that she is a ghost writer and she wrote the second half of Paula Hawkins’ novel The Girl on the Train. Of course, Heidi and Robin believe that lie. Because of the lie, they get really close and spend the night drinking together and meeting each other’s husbands. As the night progresses, Javier sees Letty steal Heidi’s necklace.

Back in the room, Letty said that she had fun. Javier is impressed. Letty just can’t believe that Heidi and Robin were stupid enough to believe that Letty wrote the second half of The Girl on the Train. However, Javier points out that he was stupid enough to believe her “Ryan Gosling bullshit”. He then tells her that she can’t keep Heidi’s necklace. He then tells her that she could be someone who owns a necklace like that. She could be one of those women but Letty doesn’t want to be one of them. She just wants the necklace.

Javier proceeds to tell her that a stolen necklace will shut the hotel down and make it a crime scene. He wants her to take it back. She tells him that she stole Robin’s wallet to keep her from drinking but she didn’t keep the wallet because it was ugly. However, she is going to keep the necklace because it makes her feel like Mrs. Diaz which is what Javier wants her to be. He plays a long and tells her that she looks beautiful.

They proceed to roleplay. Both of them get really into the idea that they are Mr. and Mrs. Diaz who are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The roleplay leads to sex.

When they’re finished, Letty tells him that she’s not killing anyone but Javier isn’t asking her to. He then tells her to take the necklace to the front desk. Immediately. Which she does. On her way back to the room she discovers a fire exit near the suit they’re staying in.

Back in the room, Letty thinks Javier has gone but he’s taking a tub. They talk as Letty breaks into the safe using the memorized key combination. In the safe she finds part of the keys to the car and information on Bill, Javier’s next hit. Afterward, she makes a run for it but she’s intercepted by Heidi, Robin and Bill who are smoking weed. Robin wants Letty to stay with her and Bill or they can have a girl’s night with Heidi but as Letty goes to leave again, Javier catches up with her. He kisses her against her will and they both proceed to act like nothing happened and everything is fine. Before they go, Letty suggests that she, Robin, and Heidi can do their girl’s day tomorrow.

The next day Letty is clear that Javier is on his own. She’s not killing anyone and she’s not helping him kill anyone. She tells him he doesn’t have to kill Bill but, Javier is quick to say that he does because it’s his job. Letty doesn’t think he cares about killing but he does. She proceeds to ask what he would do without her and Javier is quick to point out that he’d find someone else to be his wife or his husband.

After breakfast, they go on a shopping trip for things Javier needs for the kill. He gives her money but she steals most of the things on the list.

Later that afternoon, Javier leaves for a golf game with Bill while Letty gets drunk with Robin. Bill is obnoxious throughout the entire game.

Meanwhile, Letty explains to Robin and Heidi how she met “Alejandro” (aka Javier) and they proceed to tell stories of the alcohol they can no longer drink because they’ve been so drunk on it. Heidi soon leaves because she’s the third wheel being single. Robin says she’s lucky to be single because she can walk away whenever she wants to. Neither Letty or Robin can because they’re trapped by their husbands.

Bill continues to be obnoxious. Robin and Letty continue to drink. Out on the green, Javier asks Bill what today is. Bill doesn’t understand and says it’s Sunday. Javier proceeds to recount how, on this day eight years ago, he ran down a child in a crosswalk in St. Louis and ran away from the scene. He tells Bill that the parents of the boy have tracked him down and Javier is going to kill him. Bill runs. Before Javier can kill him, Bill slips and breaks his neck in the woods.

Later, Letty learns of the boy herself from Robin. Her and Bill always take a vacation to forget about the day but it never works for her. In fact, Robin hates Bill for what he did. Letty suggests that they run. What’s stopping them? Letty tells Robin to pack what they need, get her car keys, and meet at the place they smoked the night before.

It’s pouring down rain and they’re trying to get out when Letty sees a golf cart. Robin sees it too and starts calling for Bill. She discovers that he’s dead. She starts screaming but Javier comes up and kills her before she alerts anyone. Letty freaks out but Javier stops her and tells her that he’s not going to kill her but she has to help him stuff the bodies in the trunk of their car. Javier tells Letty that they have to check out of the hotel like normal people to establish a timeline. They can’t leave at the same time that Bill and Robin disappear. So they go back inside and try to get some sleep.

In the night, Javier moves the car with the bodies away from the hotel. Once they check out, Javier drives them to the car and tells Letty to follow him and she’s driving the car with the bodies.

And that’s the end of the second episode! Join me next week for the third episode “From Terrible Me” and be on the lookout for my podcast which should be coming tomorrow evening.


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