ShOR has Reviews: Good Behavior Gets Better in First Episode of Second Season

This is going to be a smaller than normal blog post mostly because embargos prevent me from typing up too much. You’ll get the full recap and podcast reactions on October 15th.

That being said: the second season of Good Behavior is going to be one firestorm of chaotic and amazing madness.

Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto are on the top of their game as Letty and Javier, respectively. It’s interesting to see them attempt to be normal people when they are both decidedly far, far away from the normal spectrum.

There is heartbreak. There are tears and frustrations. They both are struggling far more than they were at the end of season one but for entirely different reasons. The writing is spot on and holy cow, prepare yourself for one hell of a twist.

This is a show that knows how to pull punches. “The Heart Attack is the Best Way” packs a massive wallop and it sets up so much for a first episode that I feel that it surpasses “So You’re Not an English Teacher” in scope and it’s a whole thirty minutes shorter than the pilot.

Chad Hodge, the writer for this episode, peppers in just enough to make you want to come back for more while also building an arc that will taunt our characters for the rest of the season. It’s fascinating to see Hodge weave lies into truths and integrate these lies so deeply in these characters and their skill sets.

You won’t see another complex character like Javier Pereira in any other show on TV right now. I have a feeling his arc is going to be what to watch this season. Judging from the first episode, a lot is going to happen to our favorite hitman this season and that is either a very good thing or a very, very, bad thing.

Either way, be prepared to fall in love with these characters all over again. And, if I were you, don’t hold any of them to close you. I get the feeling that none of the characters may not make it out alive by the end of things.


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