ShOR Has Reviews: Good Behavior’s Second Season Two Episode Makes Stuff Happen

TNT posted the first and second episode of Good Behavior for the press and for screeners yesterday. You can read my review of the first episode here. Like the review I did this morning, this will be really short due to the embargo. You will be able to read my full recap and listen to my post show podcast on October 22nd after the episode airs on television.

To get started: holy smokes. If I thought “The Heart Attack Is the Best Way” was packed full of exposition and the establishment of plot points, “I Want You to Leave Someone Alive For Once” just builds and expounds on them, layering them up more and more until you’re simply breathless. There is so much going on this episode and it’s so intense.

There were moments I was yelling at the computer going “No, this is bad” or “No, what are you doing”. This episode really shows the cracks that are starting to build in Javier and Letty’s already shaky relationship. Throw Jacob (Nyles Julian Steele) into the mix and it becomes a massive bundle of chaos. One thing is for certain, Letty needs to accept that Javier is a hitman and is never going to change or I can tell you right now, it will not be a good ending to them.

To be honest, if she keeps trying to be the righteous one, she’s going to turn into a broken record. There were a few instances in this episode and the last where I kept cringing because Letty keeps making the same arguments over and over again. It’s getting a bit old and I hope it changes very soon.

The one thing I love about these episodes is that they are leaving me with more questions than they are with answers and I am so here for that. I love shows that reel me in with twists and turns and depth and Good Behavior continues to excel in that regard. It’s truly fantastic. If the rest of the season is as intense and as twisty and turny as these first two episodes were, then we’re in for one heck of a treat.

I can’t wait to talk to you guys about these episodes. Mark you calendars for October 15th and don’t forget to join me on what looks to be a chaotic and fiery ride when Good Behavior season 2 airs.


2 thoughts on “ShOR Has Reviews: Good Behavior’s Second Season Two Episode Makes Stuff Happen

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    1. Mimi, spoilers have been embargoed until after the episode premieres. I simply posted these for practice as well as to get people excited for the new season. You are free to come back October 15th and listen to my podcast where I will go further in depth with my reactions as each episode airs. I simply couldn’t contain my excitement when I watched the screeners and I had to write something. This is also all new to me. I am an amateur who just happens to really, really love Good Behavior. Hope you understand and I hope you’ll return to listen to my podcasts. Thank you for the comment.


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