ShOR is Bloggy: 5 (More) Films I am Excited About This Season

A new day and a new list!

I told you I would have more films on a list and tada, here it is! These are a bit more blockbuster-y than the other ones on the other list but there are a couple of awards show fodder films to keep the theme.

Without further ado, here is Shellin’ Out Reviews’ 5 more films to be on the lookout this fall/winter. Sorry, most of these are gearing for an October release. October is a good month for films, apparently.

5. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (October 13)

Luke Evans is having about the same year as Dan Stevens. He was in Beauty and the Beast and Fate of the Furious. This film comes out in a couple of weeks. Then, he also has The Alienist coming on TNT either at the beginning of January or sometime in November or December.

He’s been quite busy.

Despite his ridiculously crazy schedule, he is churning out some real crackers and it’s exciting to watch his star grow. Evans’ involvement in Professor Marston almost slipped me by. But, thanks to Facebook, I finally figured out that this wasn’t some cheap documentary about scientists like I thought it was. No, this is the story about William Moulton Marston, the man who created the Wonder Woman comics and the scandal the comic books created when they first premiered.

I saw Wonder Woman earlier this year and absolutely loved the film so this story intrigued me. I can’t wait to see it. I only hope my poor little theatre will show it. If not, it’ll be worth the small road trip to see.

4. Blade Runner 2049 (October 6)

I almost feel bad for admitting that I’ve never seen the original Blade Runner. Of course, it comes from the fact that I wasn’t even thought of in the 80s to have seen it. That doesn’t excuse me not having seen it since then. It is on my watch list and I plan on viewing it soon.

All that being said, Blade Runner 2049 looks beautiful. David Villeneuve seems to have created a stunning neon rich, high contrast world that will fit in perfectly with the 80s film while still bringing a new story to a whole new generation. What drew me in was the fact that the trailers don’t tell us anything about the film. It’s a perfect sizzle reel of gorgeous shots that are meant to appeal to our visual palette and it does it well.

In the end, my love for Harrison Ford is what really drew me to this film. He is still at the top of his game and the fact that he even came back for this film is a testament to the story and what the filmmakers are trying to do.

3. Goodbye Christopher Robin (September 29)

I grew up with the world’s cutest bear who has an affinity for honey. Yes, I’m talking about Winnie the Pooh. While I’ve never read the original stories (le gasp I know, I’m horrible.) this biopic drew me in with the promising cast and a real-life tale I’ve never heard of until now.

I will admit that I am a sucker for period dramas. That should be obvious by the choices I’ve presented in the past two lists but World War I is not portrayed in as many films as it should. The PTSD most soldiers suffered as a result of WWI is portrayed even less. (I could write an entire post over this using Downton Abbey as a springboard but that’s a digression we won’t be exploring today.)

Domnhall Gleeson’s star has been rising steadily for a few years now and his casting in The Force Awakens two years ago put him on my radar. I have no doubt that he will be earning an Oscar nomination within the next few years and Goodbye Christopher Robin is just a paving stone for that.

2. The Mountain Between Us (October 6)

I know absolutely nothing about this film other than Idris Elba and Kate Winslet are the two leads and they fall in love on top of a mountain. That’s it. That’s the extent of it. Honestly, they’re the only reason I want to see it. Both Elba and Winslet are two of the most versatile actors on the screen right now. I am also all for an interracial relationship not based on a true story.  I come with no other expectations other than to see my two most favourite actors together on screen. Do me proud, Mountain.

1. The Last Jedi (December 15)

Here is another film I know nothing about.

I’ve intentionally avoided spoilers surrounding this film because I don’t want to be disappointed when I go into it. I absolutely adored The Force Awakens. I hadn’t seen any other Star Wars film before then (and I still haven’t) but now I’m hooked.

I’m invested in Rey’s story. I want to know who she belongs to. I want to know if she becomes a Jedi despite Luke’s insistence that the Jedi needs to end. I want more of tiny, kick-ass Maz Kanata. I want battles and character development and I want to see Leia Organa and Poe Dameron finally work together directly. I want to see if Finn and Poe’s friendship continues to blossom. I want it all. I need it all and, to be honest, December cannot come fast enough. Seriously.

What are your most anticipated films? Reach out to me on Twitter! I’m eager to hear from you!


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