ShOR Has Recaps: Good Behavior Returns with “The Heart Attack is the Best Way”

It always starts with sex. There you go. That’s the episode.

Just kidding.

A fast recap of the last season: stuff gets crazy. Letty and Javier meet. They fall in love or lust or whatever you want to call it. He keeps killing people. She keeps stealing and she is kidnapped against her will and forced into his seductive web of crime. She sells him out the FBI to get her child, Jacob, then they ride off into the sunset. Or do they? This season, we’re going to find out.

And, yes, the episode starts with Letty and Javier having sex all over the place while Lousia Prima’s song “Good Behavior” plays in the background. An alarm rings and Jacob asks “are you guys done?”

Letty’s attempts to get Jacob into school prove to be a bit moot. She can’t con her way into this. There are far too many rules, regulations, and forms to fill out and have proof of. She even tries to bribe the woman at the front desk of the private school but the woman says that Jacob is still third on the waitlist. Letty takes her money back and tells Jacob that they’ll homeschool him. Jacob asks if they can steal the money they need but Letty is trying to live a normal, crime-free life.

Meanwhile, Javier is setting up for a job. He meets a man on a dock fishing and attempts to kill him but the hit doesn’t go as planned. The man he meets is another hit man who has come to kill Javier. They get into a fight and Javier ends up winning.

As Javier cleans up his mess, he tries to get a hold of Silk but he can’t. At the mall, Letty steals trivial things as well as things for Jacob like clothes and homeschool stuff. It’s obvious Letty’s attempt at normalcy isn’t working too well.

A police officer brings Jacob home just as Javier and Letty come home and Jacob says he met a girl who could help with the whole school situation. He invited the girl, Apple, and her mom, Carin, to dinner which Letty promptly freaks out about.

Letty returns to the mall in her blonde wig to “return” Jacob’s clothes she stole earlier because they don’t fit. And she wants wine. While at the mall, Christian calls. He’s upset about Letty not letting him know that their scheme to save Javier worked. Letty asks, “How do you know it worked?” Christian says, “Because Lashever came back to my apartment.” Letty lies to Christian and says that she hasn’t found Javier and she has no idea how he got away. She asks Christian to tell her if Lashever sets up another trap for Javier.

At the mall, Letty discovers that Javier hid a body in the trunk of their car. She is furious. Carin and Apple then show up for dinner.

Meanwhile, back at Estelle and Rob’s home, Lashever has invited herself in for food. Rob, bless him, is a little clueless and eager to please. But, as soon as Estelle comes home, she kicks Lashever out, telling her that she doesn’t know where Letty and Jacob are. Estelle also, quite tellingly, doesn’t know that Javier is a hit man. (Kudos to Ann Dowd here. I’m excited to see her this season!)

Back in Tybee, Letty realizes that private school is, as stated before, difficult to get into. Carin believed that Letty and Javier already put in an application for Jacob but they haven’t and Carin tells them that the waitlist is long and her private school is extremely exclusive. Letty tells Carin that Jacob is homeschooled and she lies about their entire situation which clearly makes both Jacob and Javier very uncomfortable.

(Insert Gwyneth Paltrow reference here.)

As the night wears on, Carin and Letty get on and make friends with each other while also getting drunk. Javier still can’t get a hold of Silk.

Jacob and Apple play Cards Against Humanity and Apple clearly wants Jacob just for sex which is awkward. Their entire relationship already feels very weird.

Carin promises Letty that she’s going to help them get Jacob into the private school but Carin’s husband Eric shows up and blows the plans to smithereens.

This causes the whole incident with the dead body to explode and Javier and Letty duke it out in the garage. Javier claims self-defense against the man but Letty sees right through the lie. She tells Javier that any job he takes from now on could be the FBI trying to set him up. However, Javier says that he took the job before the FBI and before she sold him out to them. But, the job was a trap and he tells Letty that the other man was a hitman trying to kill him. Letty tells Javier that he isn’t supposed to be killing anymore but Javier points out that Letty is still stealing.

It’s then Javier tells Letty that he got a normal job to save face and look normal but Letty’s extravagant lifestyle costs too much for a normal job and a normal life. So, he continues to kill.

The dead guy’s phone suddenly rings. Javier wants nothing to do with it but Letty insists that he takes it. The text on the phone asks if it’s done and Javier texts back that it is so whoever hired him will think Javier is dead. Letty tells Javier that he needs to get rid of the body and he decides he will just show up at Silk’s place with the body and claim that it’s an emergency.

Meanwhile, Lashever shows up at Christian’s home and declares that they are sleeping together and working together so she can come and go anytime that she wants. Christian is confused and Lashever explains to him that he’s a henchman and he’s failing his job. Miserably. Lashever knows Javier is with Letty but Christian is adamant that he isn’t because he believe’s Letty’s lie.

After the argument, Letty goes upstairs to Jacob’s room and finds it locked. Letty knows Jacob is upset about the dinner and, to be honest, she’s still upset about the entire evening as well. She explains to Jacob that he can’t lock the door because of safety reasons like a fire in the kitchen, for example. Jacob throws Letty’s current drunkenness in her face and Jacob confesses to being scared at the prospect of being taken away from Letty again. Letty reassures Jacob that he’s safe and everything will be okay.

In Charleston, Javier shows up at Silk’s funeral home. The door is unlocked but Silk doesn’t come to answer because he’s dead. Javier finds him shot in the head on the floor near the incinerator. Javier is distraught. He burns Silk’s body along with the hitman’s body. He cleans up the mess then sets the funeral home on fire.

He arrives at Ava’s home and she clearly doesn’t want to see him. But, he relays the information about Silk’s death. He tells Ava not to mention seeing him and that she should tell the girls that Silk died in a fire. An accident.

Letty, meanwhile, is in the middle of a breakdown as Christian calls her to tell her that Lashever is going after Javier. He asks her again if she’s with him. He asks her if he loves Javier. She hangs up on him as Javier returns. They ask each other if they’re okay and they admit that they’re not. And they kiss.

And that’s the end of the episode. What?! It can’t be! Oh, but it is.

Join me Tuesday to listen to my post show podcast Do You Like You as I break down this very telling episode! Cheers!


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