Do You Like You?: ShOR’s Post-Show Chat on Good Behavior’s “The Heart Attack is the Best Way”

Welcome to my first post-show chat about Good Behavior’s new season!

The second season premiered on Sunday and you can read my recap here. Be sure to listen to the podcast until the very end because I tease the second episode which is titled “I Want You to Leave a Person Alive For Once” which, by the way, is super intense and pretty awesome!

Hope you enjoy and please comment on what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy to help me bring better and better content to your ears.


5 thoughts on “Do You Like You?: ShOR’s Post-Show Chat on Good Behavior’s “The Heart Attack is the Best Way”

Add yours

    1. If you can not respect my opinions, you should not even be listening to my podcast. If you’d like to discuss this in a civil manner, we can. However, please do not bash my opinions. They are mine. You do not have to agree with them.


  1. Thanks for your perspective. It takes guts that you started your podcast. The show insinuates that silk and javier didn’t really have any words with each other but seems like silk was only avoiding him. And yes, Javier’s job is kinda getting to him part is because of silk which he is brother and law and father of his nieces. And Ava caught on to Javier’s explanation because Javier wanted her to so they both agree on what to tell the girls. And seems like Letty still isn’t accountable for her actions and only blames others like javier when her lies and con tactics are not working. I thinl that Javier’s dad and brother are the ones that want him dead so at one point Javier will clip them both. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to your review. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for listening, Frank! Letty is definitely not holding herself accountable for her actions! She never really has but that’s what’s makes her interesting, save for when she keeps pushing Javier about his life choices. I think Javier’s family are the ones ordering the hit as well! I’ll address that in next week’s podcast.


      1. I am looking forward to listening to your next pod. I joined a group called “Good behavior support group” on facebook and people seem to have very good feed back also.


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