ShOR Has Recaps: Good Behavior’s “I Want You to Leave a Person Alive For Once” Shows Struggles Between Letty and Javier

We start the episode with Letty waking to an alarm. Javier is already awake, sitting on the bed. He’s obviously upset about Silk and Letty apologizes for making him take the body to him to dispose of. Javier says nothing and he gets up to start his day, leaving Letty to take care of Jacob and take him to Carin’s school.

At the school, Letty hands in Jacob’s application and schedules his interview for Monday at 2. If the interview goes well and he gets accepted, Letty has to bring $20,000 to turn in on the same day. At home, she says she will take care of the money but Javier doesn’t want her to steal it because if she gets caught, she’ll go back to prison and lose Jacob forever.

Javier goes to Ava’s restaurant. Ava does not want to see him. He wants to figure out what happened to Silk and why there is a person out there wanting to kill him. He tries to get Ava to give him business documents from the funeral home, revealing that Ava and Silk have gotten divorced in the aftermath of the family dinner. However, Ava is adamant about not helping him and she returns to getting things ready for Silk’s memorial. Javier was not invited and Ava tells him that he is no longer in her family.

Back at home, Javier is getting ready for a camping trip that he obviously hasn’t told Letty about. He tells Letty that he’s going camping to commemorate the anniversary of Little Santino’s death. Just as Javier leaves, Ava calls Letty and they meet up at Ava’s restaurant to talk. Ava can’t understand why Letty is still with Javier if she knows what he does for a living. But Letty says that he has stopped and that’s he’s a line cook now. In the midst of all of this, Letty finds out that Javier lied to her and that it isn’t the anniversary of Santino’s death.

Letty decides to crash the camping trip. She drops Jacob off at Carin and Apple’s home then she goes and confronts Javier telling him that she knows he’s lying because she talked to Ava. However, Javier won’t leave and he keeps urging Letty to go back home. Letty figures out that he’s there for work and she starts in on him about how much crap he gives her for being a junkie but, really, he’s just as bad as she is. They argue but Javier lets Letty know that this is the one thing he can do for the people he loves. But, Letty still argues and he tells her that the person he’s going to kill is a rapist.

Letty doesn’t believe him and she tries to reason with him but Javier is insistent. Then, the guy he’s going to kill shows up with his friends. His name’s Bryce and he looks like a yuppie college kid. Letty makes the choice to stay with Javier.

As Javier approaches the group of college kids, Carin drives up with Apple and Jacob. Carin caught her husband sleeping with Apple’s math tutor and she, obviously, needed to get out of the house. She thinks the guys across the way are hot so she goes over to talk to them. Then, to really make matters worse, a group of kids show up at the same park. Jacob suggests they go and play with them. Instead, Carin suggests that they leave Jacob and Apple with the kids so Carin, Letty, and Javier can have fun.

Back at the campsite, Javier tries to befriend the group of guys to no avail. Bryce automatically doesn’t like him. As Carin and Letty are walking away from the kids, Carin offers Letty drugs but Letty refuses. The college guys warm up to Javier seeing as he has bourbon and an accent but Bryce still doesn’t like him. He is clearly the alpha and Javier threatens him. Carin and Letty return to the boys and they automatically impress them drawing ire from Javier.

Letty and Bryce start talking while Javier keeps trying to be cool, talking about orgies and things and Bryce is repulsed when Javier suggests that he “banged a bunch of dudes”. Javier quickly corrects himself while Letty still tries to get information about Bryce’s childhood out of him. Meanwhile, Carin is as high as a kite. Letty and Javier go out to collect firewood and Letty reiterate that Bryce is threatened by Javier so he should just call the whole thing off.

Back at the campsite, Javier shows a talent for blowing smoke rings (Javier smoking weed? I need more of that, please) and amazingly, Letty doesn’t take the joint. Out in the woods, Letty and Javier continue to fight about their current situation and she tells him that she wants him to leave a person alive for once. But, this is his job and he is determined to provide for his family. Carin comes up in the middle of their argument, still high and pulls Letty away from Javier.

Meanwhile, Apple is proving to be a bad influence on Jacob. She snuck beer away from a counselor and proceeds to drink it.

Back in Wilmington at Silk’s memorial, an old boyfriend from Ava’s past, Teo, shows up unexpectedly and unannounced. The girls grill Teo. He tells them that he was friends with Javier when they were young. The girls tell Teo that it’s wrong that Javier isn’t there and that they aren’t allowed to talk to him anymore.

Letty goes to pee and Bryce attacks Letty and tries to rape her. She tries to scream and run away but he can’t until Javier knocks Bryce in the head with his gun. Letty returns to the campsite in a fog. Carin offers Letty a joint and she smokes it as she watches Carin and the boys have fun.

Javier pushes Bryce to a cliff at gunpoint and Bryce begs him to let him go. Javier reveals that Bryce stalked the girl he raped and she killed herself because of him. Bryce keeps apologizing but Javier won’t let him go. Javier tells him that he will jump off the cliff of his own accord. Which he does as Javier watches.

But, someone else was also watching from the bushes. Letty realizes this when Apple comes running back to the tent to Jacob. Apple tells Jacob that she saw Javier and Bryce arguing in the woods and that she saw Bryce jump off the cliff. Letty comes in to check on them. Jacob tells Apple that she’s drunk and she’s lying and he knows this because he gets drunk all the time. But, he does convince Apple to go to sleep and hopefully forget the whole situation. It’s then, he hears Javier returning from the woods.

In the morning, Carin wakes Letty and Javier to tell them that she’s leaving and returning home back to Eric. Javier asks Letty if she’s okay as they eat breakfast. Letty seems to accept that Javier killed Bryce for her and Jacob. “At least he gets to go to school,” she tells him. Across the way, the college boys yell for Bryce as Jacob and Letty and Javier leave.

Jacob asks Javier if he knows where Bryce is. And that’s when he tells them that Apple saw him in the woods.

Which wraps up our episode and oh my gosh. This season keeps getting better. Be prepared for my post-show chat on Wednesday where I break down all the juicy stuff.


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