ShOR Has Recaps: Good Behavior’s “Because I’m Mrs Claus” is Immensely Entertaining From Start to Finish

The episode picks up where we left off last week. Javier and Letty try to reassure Jacob that what Apple saw in the woods (Javier watching Bryce jump off a cliff) was the result of her being drunk. Nothing more. Jacob tries to reason that Javier was a con artist and that’s how he and Letty met but Javier and Letty convince him otherwise. Satisfied, Jacob stops questioning them.

At school on Monday, Letty waits for Jacob to do his interview. He gets in and starts after the Christmas holiday. Letty is super excited.

Ava and Teo discuss bringing Javier back into the family to help out now that Silk is gone. Teo asks Ava what happened with Javier. They had always been close but Ava doesn’t want to talk about it. A knock sounds on the door and it’s Javier with Christmas gifts for the girls.

Teo makes himself known to Javier and Javier is surprised to see him. It’s been years since they’ve seen each other. He asks Teo what he’s doing there and he’s definitely automatically suspicious.

On the way to drop Jacob off with Sean, they all discuss stupid interview questions. Jacob wants Sean to get him his books and though Letty is apprehensive, she agrees and hands over the list of books. Javier then pulls out a Christmas present for Jacob and Letty tries to highjack it because she hasn’t gotten Jacob anything for Christmas. But, Jacob knows it’s just from Javier.

Rob and Estelle greet Jacob happily as Sean and his new fiancee Bethany pull up. Bethany automatically greets Letty and shows herself to be very religious much to Letty’s chagrin. They go off and leave and then it’s vacation time for Letty, Rob, Estelle, and Javier.

Estelle tells Letty that Lashever is after her. Estelle tells Letty that she didn’t tell Lashever where she was because she didn’t know where she was. It’s then Letty spills the beans and tells Estelle that Javier was a drug dealer and the FBI are after him.

Of course, as soon as they get to the resort, Letty and Javier start fighting over stealing and the fact that Letty was left out in the Christmas gift to Jacob. Javier thought she got something for Jacob but Letty told Javier that she got him into private school and she thought that would be enough.

Estelle mentions something about someone staring at them and Javier immediately gets nervous. He thinks the man checking them out is there to kill him.

Meanwhile, Christian is being inundated by UPS packages. It turns out, it’s Lashever sending Christmas things to his house so they can go on vacation to a cabin that Lashever’s family has owned for years.

Back at the resort, Letty is drinking, no surprise there. Javier is still on edge from the guy in the lobby. Letty argues with Javier about “gaslighting” Jacob. Rob interrupts with Christmas gifts and Javier finally admits that he misses his family.

Lashever and Christian arrive at the cabin in a definitely non-sanctioned FBI RV complete with a TV and a minibar. Something is really strange here with that. Going to point that out now.

At dinner, Letty is noticing that Rob is spending an ungodly amount of money on food. She asks how his business is doing. He says they’re doing very well this year and Rob makes a toast outlining how much his Christmas’s with his family used to suck. Now, he has a better family and he’s happy and he’s glad everyone else is happy and have made him a part of their family.

Estelle drags Javier to the bar while Letty and Rob stay behind for the check. Of course, this is when Rob discovers that 5-star resorts are definitely not all-inclusive. So, Letty takes the lead and tells Rob that she has him covered she just has to come up with a plan.

In the bar for their nightcap, Estelle and Javier talk about making Letty happy. It’s then that Estelle realises that the guy in the lobby watching them from earlier was a phone sex client of hers from before named Luke. Engage protective Javier mode. Estelle is freaking out and explaining how twisted the guy is and Javier automatically knows what he has to do because they’re family.

Letty cases the place after dinner and comes up with the plan. Rob is going to pose as one of Santa’s elves and get room numbers for Letty to steal money out of the next morning. Javier follows Luke and confronts him about following Estelle and the family. He tells Luke that he needs to go away and Luke says he can do whatever he wants.

Back in the room, Letty begs Javier to not kill Luke and not everyone is out to get him. They have a heart to heart. Javier finally tells Letty that they knew every bad thing about each other when they met and they’re trying to change each other. He asks why they’re together. She says that she thinks this is what happens when the honeymoon is over. Javier asks if they even had a honeymoon. They proceed to make sweet, sweet love with each other.

The next morning Letty calls Jacob. Jacob tells Letty that Sean and Bethany are having an adults only party. Letty realises she doesn’t have a present for Jacob.

At the cabin with Lashever and Christian, Lashever begins opening presents even though it’s only Christmas Eve. Something is really hinky here.

Back at the resort, Letty distracts Javier with a deep tissue massage as she and Rob steal a whole bunch of money so Rob doesn’t lose his business or Estelle. Of course, Rob gets hit on as he works. In the penthouse, Letty has to work fast as she’s caught by a little girl who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

After his massage and after a shopping spree, Javier follows Luke to his room and beats him up. Luke finally admits that he came to the resort for Estelle. Javier threatens him and tells him to leave the hotel and never show his face again. After their respective brushes with crimes, Letty and Javier meet each other in the hall.

Back in Savannah, Ava, Teo and the girls are all opening presents. The girls make the remark that “Uncle Jav always knows what to get” before Teo creepily surprises them with uber expensive jewellery. Of course, the girls are automatically suspicious. Even Ava is unsure, especially about the timing. It’s then Teo tells Ava that he’s spoken to her father.

At the resort on Christmas morning, Rob, Estelle, Javier, and Letty all exchange gifts. Javier gets a gun, Rob and Estelle get mugs, and Letty gets a used puzzle. Letty gives them all cards and Rob’s has the money he needs to cover the bill. Estelle gives Javier cash for Jacob. Jacob calls and Letty got him a puppy. Estelle asks Javier to get Rob’s presents from the car.

Luke shows up at the door to their hotel room and ruins the happy family vacation.

At the cabin, Christian realises Lashever isn’t there and he calls Letty, afraid that Lashever has gone after Javier. Sure enough, Luke is an undercover FBI agent and Christian calls Letty to tell her of the trap but it’s too late. Estelle sold Javier out. There’s nothing left to do but Letty comes in and grabs a gun and threatens Lashever and Luke, demanding that they let him go.

They’re both arrested and Estelle tries to get Lashever to let Letty go but she doesn’t. Also, Teo is conveniently at the hotel when both Javier and Letty are loaded up into the RV.

And that’s it. That’s the episode. Wait. What? I have so much to talk about! Don’t miss my special two-episode extended podcast this Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “ShOR Has Recaps: Good Behavior’s “Because I’m Mrs Claus” is Immensely Entertaining From Start to Finish

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  1. Hi Shelly. Great episode. I was kinda getting bored at first with shawn’s and rob’s and Estelle’s immaturity but I stuck it out and BAM! The last part where it is revealed that the entire thing was a set up, it really woke me up. What a surprise. Anyway, i wanted to mention that these last pods you have posted have been more like reviews rather than whats ypur take and opinion on it. I really like your very first pod where you expressed what you thought in your own words, then we would share our take or perspective on the episode. Thanks. Frank.


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