ShOR is Bloggy: A Bit of an Update

I am pretty sure I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this podcast and the recaps that I am doing for Good Behavior. This blog was never meant to be one of those sites. The only reason why I started this was because I am passionate about Good Behavior and wanted to share that with a community of others who share that passion.

I still wish to do that but with my school schedule and my homework, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the expectations I put on myself. To be honest, I didn’t think that this semester would be this time-consuming. However, it is definitely proving to be as I wind down for the semester.

That being said this doesn’t just extend to Good Behavior. This extends to the blog on the whole. To be frank, I am burned out. Not with this blog. In fact, I would love to see it succeed. But, with everything else I have to do along with real-life pressures that extend past school work, I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with everything, including movie reviews. My brain is pretty fried and when something good starts feeling like a job, it’s time to step away for a while and evaluate.

As of right now, Do You Like You will be a double podcast, tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. I will break down episodes 4 and 5 seeing as they are linked together. I am also unsure of the recap post date but know that it will get up next week sometime before the podcast.

I literally have 13 films and 3 television seasons I need to review from this semester and that includes a review of Thor: Ragnarok which I saw for the second time last night. Thor is on priority and I will try to get that out on Monday.

I appreciate everyone who has stuck with me despite my posting irregularities and my constant delays. I will try to be better but there are no guarantees until after December 12th so please excuse any lags and just know that I am working on it.



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